Enough Is Enough: No Need to Tolerate Saudi Arabian Regime Anymore

Enough is Enough!

This week we heard about the brutal killing of critic and journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabian officials in their own consulate in Istanbul. His body is yet to be discovered. We hear that some of human rights activists jailed in Saudi Arabia are going to be executed soon. What was the crime committed? What did the do wrong?… NOTHING. So, why Saudi Arabian governemnt is killing innocent people?

The answer is simple. Saudi Arabia is a country ruled by cowards. They can’t tolerate criticism. They want to suppress opposing voices. They don’t want their citizens to speak. They don’t care about humanity. They don’t believe in human rights.

They know that Words can change the world. They are afraid that people may overthrow the government and establish democracy. If they allow the people enough freedom they think they can’t live a luxurious life as monarchs and religious clerics.

Free speech should be the right of every person in this world. Only cowards who are afraid tries to suppress voices. We can hope that the international community, human rights organizations and UN take strict action against them. Countries should stop trade with Saudi until they change their ways. Even though it is not easy, this is also the time for people of Saudi Arabia should come out against their repressive regimes. They won the right to drive. But still, they don’t have the right to speak. Why are those Women’ activists who stood for their right to drive still in jail? Change is knocking on Saudi Arabia’s door. It’s time to act.